ALW Massage Therapy

Prices and Packages



We offer FULL SESSION TIME 30 min, 60 min,75 min or 90 min sessions.

Loyal Pricing for clients who come in 1x per month.

Prices are applicable for Custom Massage, Therapeutic, Trigger point, Pregnancy, Medical Massage, Sports, Reiki and Reflexology Sessions.

There is never a contract. 

30 min Massage $40        Loyal Price $35.00

60 Min Massage $70          Loyal Price $65.00

75 Min Massage $95     *Discount price (see below)  $85

 90 Min Massage $105     Loyal Price $100

Chair Massage Min 60 mins $65.00




Ashiatsu with Shela ONLY

60 Mins $70

90 Mins $100


Services with Pastor Audrey ONLY

Oncology Massage $55 for In home service

Massage for Disabled (see Our Services Page)

End of Life Hospice Annointing or Prayer Service





*Discount Price 75 mins for $60 for Teachers, Firefigheter, Armed services active or retired, police and Nurses discount must show Id to qualify for this special.  For example:  Work ID or Retired ID, Paystub showing name and place of employment.

If you are not one of the above service people then the price is $85.00






Package of Mini Sessions 30 Mins of Bliss

Back, Neck & Shoulders Session $200.00 for package of 6 massages 


Maintenance Package60 min Bi Monthly massages-

 2 sessions monthly $125.00 


              Gold Package  Total of 6 sessions $375.00

       2 sessions at 60 mins and 4 more sessions at 75 mins = 6 massages 

   $375.00 =62.50 per 60 min session  the extra 15 mins is FREE

can be used any time and can be given away as gifts to friends or family.


90 Min Massage Package

 Package of 6 sessions for 90 Mins $500 

Can Be used anytime. These sessions do not expire. 

              The More you buy the More $$ you SAVE with Packages!!


Packages can be purchased and given as gifts, or kept to treat yourself to a relaxing day or evening.


Additional Cost for  Thai Yoga for Table Session with Shela or Audrey and pricing for Ashiatsu is seperate from regular and package pricing.