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       We are most passionate about your overall well being; we offer personalized service for every massage session.

We will help benefit you by preforming and utilizing different massage modalities such as but not limited to:  passive assisted stretching, trigger point therapy, Thai Yoga massage, myofascial, and Neuromuscular techniques, reiki, swedish massage, Therapeutic, triggerpoint and reflexology. 


Our therapists Love Working on you!




Pastor Audrey Washington, Owner and LMT

Audrey, loves to do deep tissue, she will do a fusion of Thai table with Therapeutic massage and incorporate PNF and Joint mobility with her sessions as well as offering pregnancy massage, swedish sedona, and in home Hospice and Oncology sessions. Audrey has been healing clients and providing healing touch since 2007 and is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Bodywork.
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Please email Audrey at: for questions about
Healing sessions, Oncology massage, Hospice visits, Prayer group, grief support, homegoing services, weddings, home or business saging, Hypnotherapy, spiritual Coaching and nutritional coaching.


Shela Yu
Shela, our Ashiatsu and Table Thai massage professional, she has been passionate about massage since 2009. Shela will do a full body fusion session pulling from therapuetic modalities, joint and movement modalities with energy work and Crainial Sacral.  Shela offers Pregnancy, therapeutic and Swedish massage as well.
Renee Juarbeimage
Renee, is our Sports massage and therapeutic specialist who has deadly elbows but can also do gentler touch and work with elderly and Pregnancy massage clients. Renee has been providing quality, professional massages since 2016.
Amber Hardin   


 Amber loves to stretch her clients as well as do a fusion of therapeutic and Swedish sessions with Reiki and healing touch.  Amber has been passionate about helping clients heal and providing professional massages since 2014.  If she finds something that needs work she WILL work on it!!





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ALW Massage is a subsidiary of ALW Wellness Enterprises, LLC

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